Wait! Before using any of the below methods to contact us, please:
  • Read our FAQ. Many of the most common questions we receive are answered here. Questions that are answered in the FAQ will probably be ignored.

  • Remeber that we are volunteers. You haven't paid anything to us, but we have spent thousands of hours of our time to provide you with this software. So please be patient if we don't answer your questions immediately and please be polite. Don't accuse us of being biased or not caring. (These are good ways to convince us to ignore you and not care about your comments/complaints.)

  • When contacting us, be sure to provide us with all pertinent info, such as:
    • Operating System: Windows (9x, 2000, NT, ME, XP, or Vista--32-bit or 64), Linux (which distrubution?), Mac OS X (which version?)
    • Software: The SWORD Project for Windows, Bibletime, GnomeSword, MacSword, Bible Desktop, etc.
    • Version: Tell us which version you are using and where you downloaded it from.

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Bug Reports

    We also make use of a bug tracking system, through which you can enter bug reports directly or check on existing bugs.

Live Correspondence

    The SWORD Project has a forum on the Freenode IRC network:

      irc.freenode.net #sword

Snail Mail

    The CrossWire Bible Society
    P. O. Box 2528
    Tempe, AZ  85280-2528