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About: The Sahidica Manuscripts

Collated by J Warren Wells.
Copyright 2009 by J. Warren Wells,
All rights reserved. Editor's permission required for commercial use.

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This edition is available free of charge for use in free electronic editions of the New Testament as long as the full title and copyright information are included and credited. For written permission to use all or any part of this document in print editions, contact the editor at

This edition is primarily meant for use by teachers and students of Sahidic Coptic, and to a lesser degree by Coptologists involved in scholarly research, textual criticism, or New Testament translation.

This text presents the raw Sahidic manuscripts used in making Sahidica.

The Manuscripts Presented are:

o Matt Pierpont Morgan Library M-569
o Mark PPalau Rib. Inv.Nr.182
o Louke PPalau Rib. Inv.Nr.181
o John PPalau Rib. Inv.Nr.183
o Acts Chester Beatty B (Copt.Ms.814)
o Paul Chester Beatty A (Copt.Ms.813)
o Cath Pierpont Morgan Library M-572
o Reve Berlin MS Or.408 = British Museum Ms Or.3518

The text has no punctuation and words are left conjoined.