OSIS is an XML standard for encoding Bibles and other biblical research texts, which enables ministries and other organizations to collaborate more easily. Traditionally, these organizations have stored their documents in disparate, proprietary markups, making it difficult when they wish to share in service with each other. OSIS provides a common markup for multiple visions.

CrossWire is committed to supporting the OSIS initiative. We have developed OSIS import and export tools which work with our SWORD engine, making OSIS documents available to all of our SWORD software.

Official Page

The latest OSIS Schema definition and supporting information is available at:



The latest OSIS manual, from March 2006, is available at:

http://www.crosswire.org/osis/OSIS 2.1.1 User Manual 06March2006.pdf

Schema docs

Schema docs generated by <Oxygen/> XML Editor are available at:


OSIS Tutorial

A brief tutorial: